Creative Collisions ICT

May 13, 08:00 AM – May 13, 09:01 AM

This group is meant to be inclusive. Anyone who wants to engage should be able to, whether you are changing careers, starting a company, graduating from college, or just wanting to something different. Everyone is welcome to join!

The idea of this group is to provide an environment for creative minds to connect over coffee. You may have met at 1 Million Cups Wichita, The Labor Party, Wichitalks, coffee shop, local pub, or another meetup group and that was it. There will be no formal agenda, sales pitches, or awkward silences. This is a place where entrepreneurs and others who are interested in startups can come, hangout, network, share stories, and have a place to have Creative Collisions.

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Jacob Wayman on 08 May 2016
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