Flip'N Toss Product Launch Party

Aug 08, 06:00 PM – Aug 08, 09:00 PM

For those that have not heard what is going on, we are the new game in town getting ready to take the nation by storm! With our fun and innovative patent pending gaming system, we have revolutionized the outdoor gaming industry. With our success and excitement, to develop such an infectious and engaging product. We are going to be celebrating our National Product Launch in our hometown of Wichita, KS. In order to take part in such a historical event in our company's history and for Wichita, all you have to do is buy our product! The ticket purchase is 50% of the products cost and you will get a code at the Party to get 50% off Flip'N Toss products.
When else will you get the chance to be invited to a red carpet event just to buy a product you like. There will be live music, catered in food, video booth, of course Flip'N Toss games, grand prizes, and so much more!

Buy tickets at: https://flipntoss.com/collections/launch-party/products/launch-party-ticket

Check us out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlipNGames

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Jarrod Nolan on 02 August 2016
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