Game development and project potluck

Sep 10, 10:00 AM – Sep 10, 08:00 PM

At the game dev potluck, the goal is for everyone who loves games, working on teams, and putting in a full day of coding in a room full of friends to bring some food and make some projects! There are no fancy judges or prizes, and technically you could even work on a group project that is not a game. Besides the food, group environment and all-day-ness of gamejam, I would also like to capture the community play, so even if you don't make a game, or even if you start work on a game that won't be done for years, try and make something that people can try out. A minimum viable product of your dream. Or make a whole game in one day! It can be done! For me, gamejam is one of the most exciting times of the year, so I'm trying to spread the love to a few other events without requiring jimrice to sell his soul. :o) Let me know if you'll be coming! I am super psyched to try out people's games and foods!

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bob bobo on 01 September 2016
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