Taking Care of Business

Feb 21, 07:30 AM – Feb 21, 11:00 AM

TOPIC Visions for Success: The Foundation for Elevating our Business

DESCRIPTION Individual and organizational success does not happen by chance. It happens intentionally. By defining the kind of person you want to be and intentionally working toward that goal, you become more effective in both the workplace and your personal life. Effective leaders have a clear picture of where they are going and what they must achieve to get there, and they commit to achieving their goals. In this workshop we establish a foundation for elevating our business. We will create a personal vision that helps expand our comfort zones and enables us to welcome new challenges as we take our business to the next level.

Objectives 1. Understand and apply the cycle for performance growth and change 2. Develop a motivating personal vision as a professional 3. Create professional connections that enhance success

Chamber members only.

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R Malinauskas on 20 December 2016
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