devICT Presents: Better Allies

Nov 30, 07:00 PM – Nov 30, 09:00 PM

From host Jacob Walker,

"Sexism, Racism, and many other kinds of discrimination are undeniably large problems in both the tech industry and the world at large. Most of the people reading this are fortunate enough to not have to deal with them directly. You can choose to turn a blind eye to the problems or you can do something about it. Become an ally!

In this presentation I will review materials from covering 25 specific things we can do to become better allies to underrepresented minorities.

Everyone stands to learn something from this talk and I hope you will all join me!"

*Please note that The Labor Party parking lot is currently under construction. Additional parking can be located in Hotel at Old Town's parking garage, or by the neighboring lots.

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Jarae Myers on 30 November 2017
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