Women in Tech: More Than a Talk | Presented by Koch Industries

May 02, 04:30 PM – May 02, 07:30 PM

Women in Tech: More Than a Talk aims to inspire, engage, and empower women in all stages of their career. Join us for an evening of micro-talks from local female leaders presenting on a variety of topics, covering STEM and beyond. As well as networking opportunities within the context of a supportive community.

DETAILS When: May 2, 2019 | 4:30pm - 7:30pm Cost: $15 (includes 2 drinks & tacos)

SPEAKERS •Tina Dao – Chief of Staff at Fitbit | Inclusion & Diversity Leader | Cultivating Superpower Teams “Everybody Into the Foxhole: Foster Inclusion by Employing a Foxhole Mentality”

•Patty Crowell -- Lifelong Techy | Current Channel Enablement Manager at IBM “Zigging and Zagging: My Journey to High Tech”

•Kelsey Ryan – Investigative Reporter | Pulitzer Prize Finalist “Eat Your Vegetables: How Tech Disrupted Journalism”

•Resha Parajuli -- Learning Designer at Wonder | Interdisciplinary STEM Artist | Physicist | Poet “Connections and Context: Learning to Be”

•Carly Bowden -- VOYA STEM Fellow | Seventh Grade Math Teacher “Nurturing Young Minds Through STEM Education”

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Jacob Wayman on 14 March 2019
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