For the first time since 1934, unaccredited (that's the 99% of us!) investors are now able to invest in startups. I'm pleased to announce a first of it's kind investment club for unaccredited investors here in Wichita, KS called Angels of the Plains.

This allows anyone to invest in local startups who choose to be funded using crowdfunded equity. The club will be investing in local Wichita startups only.

The minimum investment per startup is $100. There is no fee to join the club, and you pick and choose which local startups you want to fund as each deal is proposed. It's like Kickstarter for startups!

If you know of any local startups seeking funding, please send them my way or send them to the Angels of the Plains club site.

I'd love to have you join myself and other Wichitan's in helping to shape our economy through entrepreneurship.

Posted by

Jonathan George on 19 May 2016
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