Jarrod Nolan, the CEO of Flip'N Toss and Reed Innovations has come out with a new and engaging product that is turning heads and creating excitement in the community. Just 4 weeks ago he debuted his prototype and with the help of Schane Gross, owner of the Anchor, Flip'N Toss was then put on the Map just this past week at the MidWest Beerfest. Since the MidWest beerfest, Flip'N Toss is now on its way into Bubba's 33, The Anchor, and other restaurants keeping their customers engaged and having fun!

Flip'N Toss has completely changed and revitalized outdoor gaming, turning the traditional cornhole game that everyone has grown to love, into a gaming system that brings stimulation to a whole new level. Never get bored again tossing bags, now you have so many options on different games to play. It is as if they turned the cornhole game into a Nintendo gaming system, abling the user to put different gaming cartridges into the gaming console.

This is a great startup for the Wichita economy giving diversification in manufacturing, providing new jobs for Wichitans. You can support this company by simply going to their facebook page and liking it, and continue following their progress and successes. You never know you might even just get one for yourself. If you do decide to buy and support a local company make sure to put in the code MEMORIAL to get your 20% discount on your entire order when you buy their consoles. Code expires 06/01/2016.

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Jarrod Nolan on 27 May 2016
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