James Marshall, or Dalek as the art world knows him, will be creating a custom mural for Harvester Arts in Old Town this October. Harvester Arts is a local organization that helps artists and the public to engage with one another through visual expression and critical dialogue. Performance art and installation pieces are what the organization likes to focus on the most, but it is open to all forms of creative outlet and input.

Dalek has a very unique and colorful style that pulls out the vibrancy of a city. His residency in Wichita will be from October 14th thru the 20th, where he, alongside local artists, will complete a mural that will have in progress viewings available to the public - who are encouraged to stop by to see the transformation unfold before them.

Dalek will also be giving a public talk followed by a Q&A at Harvester Arts on October 18th to discuss his history as an artist and what the mural means for him as well as how it will impact Old Town. This will be a free discussion and is open to the public.

Wichita is home to many talented artists, and Old Town celebrates them once a month with Final Friday - an art crawl through various galleries around the city where local artists can showcase their work to the public. Marshall's contribution will encourage and help cultivate the artistry of Wichita.

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Jarae Myers on 02 September 2016
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