Kevin Owens, CEO of SNT Media, has decided to expand the company's ICT workforce, adding more than 50-100 employees by 2017.

But why?

SNT Media executives have said it's because Wichita hasn't yet realized what a great thing it's becoming. The city holds ambitious creatives that are intent on building a culture of values and morals all of their own, while Wichita itself provides everything at lower costs than other tech hub cities.

Other amenities that Wichita has been complimented on by SNT executives include: commute, cost of living, schools, the downtown area, and local restaurants.

Wichita provides the hustle and bustle of a large city with the Midwestern values of a small town, and that's a rarity for the creative professional to find.

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Jarae Myers on 04 November 2016
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