The SBA's Wichita District Office will host the Emerging Leaders business development program again in 2017! The classes are scheduled to start in early April.

We are seeking a diverse group of 15 to 20 business owners or chief executives from varied industries, such as: retail, professional services, manufacturing, technology, etc., including family-owned businesses going through a leadership transition, to apply to the program. The Emerging Leaders Initiative is an intensive training course that specifically focuses on the professional development of executives of '2nd stage' businesses poised for growth in Kansas.

About Emerging Leaders Initiative:

Emerging Leaders curriculum was developed, in part, by Interise and Boston University Institute of Technology, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization. The program is designed for each participant to graduate with a three-year action plan to grow their business. The growth action plan that each executive will develop during the course is designed with benchmarks and performance targets that can be updated and extended into the future. The program is interactive, pertinent and applicable, so participants have the opportunity to use their own business as a live case study. For this reason, it is not a program for 'start-ups'.

In addition, the participants will have access to a network of peers and local subject-matter experts who can continue to provide support and accountability as the growth plan is implemented.

While the seven-month Emerging Leaders program is offered at no financial cost, the curriculum requires each executive to invest their time and effort in to the reading, class time, and developing their growth plan (100 hours).

Over the course of 26 weeks (from April through October 2017), participants will attend 13, three-hour classes held every other week. Classes are scheduled to take place every other Wednesday afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (two sessions per month).

Background and Statistical Success:

Since 2008, this SBA initiative has trained more than 2,000 promising small business owners, and continues to expand its impact helping small businesses grow and create jobs. Wichita was selected to host the initiative for the first time in 2014.

Sixty-seven percent of surveyed participants reported an increase in revenue while 75 percent of those surveyed reported maintaining or creating new jobs in their communities. Surveyed participants also reported having secured more than $26 million in new financing for their businesses, and an increase in confidence when applying for government contracts. As a result, nearly half of the initiative graduates reported securing federal, state and local contracts, worth more than $330 million.

Participant Qualifications: • Be an established business (in existence for at least 3 years). • Have annual revenues between a minimum of $300,000 and a maximum of $10 million. • Have 3 employees or more, recommended. • Time commitment of the business owner (or executive decision-maker) to dedicate themselves to attend every class, and complete course assignments. In total, it is estimated to be about 100 hour commitment. Only one representative of a business can participate in the program.

Interested and qualified small business owners are encouraged to apply at:

For more information about the SBA’s Emerging Leaders program, please contact Michael Aumack at (316) 269-6275.

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Michael Aumack on 30 January 2017
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