Lawn Buddy is ready to rock for the spring season!

-- Download the app and take care of your lawn today! --

Lawn Buddy is a mobile app that connects homeowners with professional lawn care providers at the push of a button. Created right here in Wichita, Lawn Buddy is often referred to as the “Uber for Lawn Care”. We have partnered with some great lawn care providers in Wichita who are ready to start mowing your lawn through Lawn Buddy. Simply download the app, put in your address, and select “Mow Now” or "Mow Later” and any add-on services you would like, and your lawn is good to go!

Lawn Buddy is available on both iOS and Android. Download the app and get your lawn mowed today!

Link to download the app:

LAWN BUDDY — Push Button | Get Lawn Care

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Toby Kriwiel on 15 March 2017
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