Vamonos is an app that allows friends, family, and business associates to randomly select a place to eat, drink, or get coffee based on location. It helps you get out of a rut and discover something new, by answering the question, “where do you want to go?!” Based on our local market research, we found that millennials would be especially interested in using this kind of app. They’ll also be able to share their discovered places over text message and social media, to help tell their friends about their plans.

Our Vamonos team includes:

Alice Hwang – idea person, marketing Seth Etter – api/consulting Alex Twitchel – website design James Dean – website design Daniel James – software/app development Paul Daemen – business development

We welcome the community to support our group by signing up for the beta version of the app, providing feedback, and sharing their use of it through pictures and comments via Twitter @vamonosapp and We're shooting for a launch this holiday season!

The community can further assist by sharing the app with their friends, family and business associates. After beta testing, we will meet with local businesses that may wish to advertise their venue using the app.

Posted by

Daniel James on 27 September 2015
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