If you're anything like me, then you've been long awaiting this moment. "In an age where convenience is king, Brian Burleson and Jennifer Duda are trying to make dining out a little easier.

“We are going to be a food delivery company,” he says of Wichita2go.com.

He says Duda, his girlfriend, is something of a franchisee for the larger Mytown2go.com restaurant delivery service, which is in other cities in Kansas, California and Iowa so far. Burleson says he’s the director of marketing and social media for the Wichita business, which will debut April 18.

“We’re from here in Wichita, so we really want to make sure we focus at the beginning of our company on the local locations,” he says."

See source for more. (What's the first restaurant you would choose?)

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Jarae Myers on 14 April 2016
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