In late February, the CBS morning news ran a segment about the explosion of tech companies in Lincoln, Neb., also showing a chart with Kansas City, Mo., and Des Moines as part of a “Silicon Prairie” map. The story featured low real-estate prices, coupled with tech talent, as key driving factors.

Wichita has the same advantages, evidenced by the move of SNT Media here, along with Wichita-founded tech companies such as Cybertron, Applianz, Paste Interactive, Callcap, BalancedComp and Ulterius Technologies. Litan

We are also fortunate to have Kenton Hansen, software development director at Ennovar, an applied tech institute at Wichita State University that provides hands-on, paid engineering and software development experience for the university’s undergraduate and graduate students.

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Jarae Myers on 15 April 2016
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