Fireshark Studios is taking its shared, immersive gaming experience on the road.

The Wichita-based software and custom-gaming development company has launched Fireshark Truck as a means to create a mobile gaming experience and complement the company’s one-year-old retail operation, Fireshark Gaming, at 21st Street North and Greenwich Road. “The Fireshark Truck is all the same amazing immersive gaming technology of our retail store experience but on wheels,” says Jake Williams, president of Fireshark Gaming. “The Fireshark Truck will allow us to bring the games to you.”

The gaming trailer, which is about 20 feet long and more than 12 feet high, allows up to 16 players to compete against each other. Fireshark Truck is available for rental for various events, such as birthday parties, festival or as part of fundraisers. “It’s a mobile billboard for us,” Williams says.

He says the trailer also is beneficial during business expos to show people what Fireshark Gaming does, rather than telling them about the company.

Rental is $160 an hour, with a minimum of two hours.

Company leaders say the response to Fireshark Truck, which launched last week, has been favorable so far.

The reaction to the Fireshark Truck over the last week has been amazing, says Colin Duffy, general manager of Fireshark Gaming. (At) nearly every event, we have had long lines of people waiting to play. Fireshark, announced Thursday as one of the Wichita Business Journal's Innovation Awards winners, started working its mobile gaming operation last fall. Williams says the biggest challenge was adapting games to accommodate the mobile format, while still allowing for the immersive gaming experience. In the retail store, patrons have access to 600 square feet of gaming area per game room. In the trailer, it’s 160 square feet.

Fireshark Truck, Williams says, may end up being part of a larger movement for the company toward more mobile gaming offerings.

He says adding the gaming trailer is part of what was an overall successful first year in business for Fireshark Gaming. Fireshark employs about 10 people, with some of those dedicated to product development and others working in the retail operation.

All of Fireshark’s product development is done in Wichita.

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Jake Williams on 06 May 2016
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