1969: Purchased Fountain Coffee Service. Sold in 1986. 1986: GM of North America branch operations for Fountain Inc. 1992: Partner of JaRay Software Inc. 2001: Started Mgmt TV Inc. dba Famhost (@Famhost)

Dave Cunningham is the founder and CEO of the Flint Hills Group, a consultancy which combines exceptional engineering with Midwestern work ethics. As a seasoned technical leader with over 30 years of experience in software engineering, Dave has assembled a highly skilled pool of engineering talent who stand ready to support you in achieving your goals.

A graduate of Wichita State University, with a BS in Computer Science, Dave has been an engineering leader at Boeing, Cargill, NetApp and Koch Industries. As an active member of the business community, he has held various board or advisory board roles, including service to the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, the Kansas State Engineering Curriculum Advisory Board, the Wichita State Alumni Board, and the Board of the United Way of the Plains.



Mike is a mechanical design engineer who enjoys running and biking. He is the founder of JogAlong Stroller



Good bad, not evil | connecting the dots and filling in the blanks | creative communications director @anchorwichita @chopshopwichita

I love helping business owners build and nurture their online community! Whether it be social media coaching, copywriting, or all-out social media management and reporting, I'd love to help your business succeed in their social media marketing efforts.

Krystal is Co-Founder of Modberry Market – a virtual marketing agency that helps businesses win at branding, marketing and design. She blogs at www.krystalbradley.com, is a content contributor for Black Girls Inspo, and a freelance copywriter for The Front Porch Wichita. Krystal is also a freelance photographer; which she will soon turn into another business.

We feel that strong communities start with the health & wellbeing of its people.

Our values reflect those of a business passioned by community & wellbeing.

My passion is helping business owners traverse the river of nonsense surrounding how to grow your website traffic and improve conversions. Provide real value. Be authentic. Tell your story! Google is looking for the best possible resource, your goal is to BE that resource for what you do.

Wichita SCORE was founded in 1976 as Chapter 0143. We are a very dynamic Chapter and are very fortunate to have more than 35 Wichita business-related volunteers.

The mentors of Wichita are experienced and seasoned business owners and managers who pass on their proven business experience, energy, and knowledge to help new start-ups and existing small business owners.

Our focus and number one objective is to help our clients achieve success by giving them the the best possible client service. Face-To-Face or online , the counselors of Wichita stand ready, and willing to aid in the success of Wichita and surrounding area small business clients.

SCORE Wichita mentors provide you with in-depth, industry specific business assistance to help evaluate a business idea or plan, stimulate business growth and ensure long term stability.





moving faster than you.

Currently: Angels of the Plains

Previously, CEO @Evomail, @boxcar (acq. July '12). Limitless. Love family, racing motorcycles and being an entrepreneur. Be positive.

Colorado raised yet Wichita has been home since the late 90s. Passions are faith, my children, music, sports, great cuisine, art and finding better ways to help people understand, work through and overcome conflict and disputes.



Founder/ Dreamer/ RNpreneur/ Start-Up 1st Timer; Earning My Masters in Resilience. Extremely Passionate About My Mission (Or Completely Insane...TBD). RN-Preneur, Founder & President CoRNerstone; dedicated to being part of the healthcare solution by empowering patients, supporting providers, inspiring empathy & advocating for a better healthcare process.



Veteran turned Entrepreneur, Graduated from WSU in 2014 and have a serious passion for business and mentorship. NetWork Kansas placed me in a position while in college to tap into all these amazing resources we have devoted to Economic Development in our City and State! Currently assisting my Wife on her Start-Up Fitness business within Douglas Design District, but I truly can't wait to INVENT, something AMAZING, and globally add value to Life on Earth.

President of “On a Shoestring Marketing” which specializes in providing providing affordable marketing, public relations, fundraising strategies and event management to non-profits and small businesses in the Wichita Metro area. On a Shoestring Marketing was established in 2013 for the purpose of helping to meet the needs of nonprofits and small businesses in achieving their goals on a shoestring budget.” Cindy has more than 25 years of experience in marketing and public relations. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing from Wichita State University and a Master of Business Administration from Newman University.

I am a full-time, professional corporate mentalist and keynote speaker based in Wichita. I provide entertainment and educational presentations for corporate events, private events, and fundraisers throughout the Midwest and nation wide. I moved to Wichita with my family 10 years ago from Seattle, where I was also part owner of an insulation contracting company that I helped build from the ground up and grew to a $16.5 million company. I also sideline professionally as a non-union actor in TV commercials, industrial film and video, and commercial printwork. I combine my business, speaking, acting and other entertainment skills to provide companies with entertaining, educational and mind-blowing presentations. I have been entertaining with the mentalism, magic and theater arts for close to 30 years.



I am a personable, passionate, & driven nurse with a deep love for people (ALL PEOPLE). I thoroughly enjoy providing holistic care & knowing that I make a real impact on my patients experience. They may not remember your name but they will always remember how you made them feel.​ As a nurse in the hospital, I saw that well over half of the families with a preventable admission, frankly just did not possess the skills or knowledge necessary to provide prevention in the first place. That is when teaching, empowering & supporting every single patient & family became my personal mission. I realized that what we have is a healthcare system that is geared towards acute healthcare & not at all towards chronic healthcare. This ratio unfortunately, is no longer relevant to our countries healthcare needs.

Cornerstone will repair the disconnect in healthcare by providing patients with a single point of contact for all of their healthcare needs. One nurse to coordinate, consult & navigate the healthcare system for the patient; decreasing unnecessary frustration, confusion & non-compliance while increasing health & wellness. This drastic increase in continuity of care will lower overall healthcare costs, reduce hospital readmission's, reduce med errors, prevent duplicate testing, reduce unnecessary ED visits & calls to physicians, increase healthy living & appropriate preventive health maintenance participation. CSH does this by providing appropriate education/teaching, test result consultation, proactive& holistic nursing approach, ongoing medication monitoring, insurance consulting, community resource coordination, emotional support, as well as facility & physician recommendations etc... We become the families one point of contact for all health needs. Our aim is to show employers the significant amount of resources saved when services such as ours are added to employee benefit plans, also improving employees health, wellness & overall quality of life,



Software Entrepreneur, iOS App Developer, Web Developer. Looking to make peoples lives better with awesome software.

Artist, digital and traditional media. Owner of Pixel Time, which develops classes in digital arts & Apple technology. Married to poet Albert Goldbarth.

I like sports and I don't care who knows.


lemurs whiskey wichita

30 years plus international business consulting, 6 years graduate school adjunct - global business and global marketing

Loves all things entrepreneurship. Founder/Owner of The Traveling Miss, LLC, Author of You Go Girl, and MBA student in Entrepreneurship at Wichita State.



I help you find the resources you don't know you need.

Economic Development Specialist with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). I am here to help you find the resources you need to start and grow your business. I can also answer what you need to know about how the Affordable Care Act , and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Feel free to contact me at michael.aumack@sba.gov

developing www.contentkid.co, a platform for consumers to buy hour(s) of subscriber-only content - entertainment, news, gaming - from one login. see: https://youtu.be/vi2zzvmd2oi

Hi I am Janak Panchal, I am full time worked in Bonoboz Marketing Company. My Designation is as a Senior SEO Executive. I have good knowledge of Digital Marketing, PPC, Email marketing and many more.

Bonoboz is full-service digital marketing company that enhances your online presence. Using experience in scaling digital businesses, creative thinking and execution we help companies and brands achieve their online potential. Our services include: Digital marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), UI/UX Design and Web + App Development.



Beat's Web Design creates simple, user-friendly, and unique websites for individuals and companies. For the past several years, we have built many websites, and provide many other services to help you or your business. We have been continually expanding our knowledge in web development to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing technology. Our team will do whatever it takes to get the job done to reach your expectations. We provide some of the best website designs in Wichita, KS. We can build a professional looking website, and it will be simple yet unique and informative. We can create a WordPress website that you can update or we can do the website maintenance for you, or build you a custom HTML website. We will offer many website services such as new Website Design, eCommerce Website Design, Existing Website Re-Design, Website Maintenance, Website SEO, Website Advertising, Logo Design, and Media Marketing. We not only specialize in websites in the Wichita, Kansas area, but also expand our services across the nation.

Educator, Entrepreneur, Energizer

Helping create the future of beauty in the Midwest. Owner of Backstage Makeup Studio & Academy

Listener, Thinker, Entrepreneur, Politician, Full Stack Engineer. Partner in LogoLounge.com and Strengthware.com. Councilman in Andover. Enjoy talks, tech and toys.

Connector of people, ideas, information. Oversee initiatives to advance the community, focusing on young & diverse talent. MBA from WSU and bachelor’s in Public Relations (minor in studio art) from Marquette University.

My personal experience in the field of Branding, Graphics, Animation, Web & Designing is 15+ years and currently leading a company having 12+ years of experience in the same fields. Our quality and cost effective services has helped many clients to achieve their dreams either to promote their products/brands or helped them to achieve expected outcome out of our efforts by presenting their concepts/ideas in form of Graphical/Animated presentations. I strongly recommend to give it a try to initiate professional relationship for once, and it will be our look after to maintain it forever. Read more information visit here:- http://www.bluechisel.com

Community manager for The Labor Party, student, dreamer.

I am the owner of M & M Sharpening Services, a family run sharpening shop here in SE Wichita. We focus on sharpening Knives, scissors, and hair clipper blades, but can sharpen almost everything that takes an edge, such as chainsaw chains, mower blades, and pruning shears. Starting this March, we will begin offering carbide saw blade sharpening to our services. We have been averaging 1-5 calls a week from folks asking if we offer this service for several years, so we found a grinder on the West Coast, and are learning how to use it from another regional sharpening professional. If your business uses knives (restaurant), scissors (alterations, upholstery, etc), hair clipper blades (Vet tech, groomer, barber, cosmotology, etc) or anything that needs an edge, call us at 316-293-8293, and let's talk sharpening

Hello, I am Grishma Vyas. I am full time working in Tile Grandeur. my company name is BlueChisel. my designation is Marketing manager.



Pipeline Entrepreneur I Founder of @clutchstuds I Co-Founder of Page-Out I Speaker I Mobile Application Developer I Designer I Innovator.

I have knowledge of many programming languages and platforms, but my focus since 2005 has been on full stack web development using Ruby on Rails. I moved to San Francisco in 2009, and moved back to the Wichita area in the summer of 2015 after about six years working the startup scene, running the gamut from full-time, to contractor, to co-founding CTO. My experience includes web applications serving thousands of requests per second and databases on the order of terabytes.

Since moving back to Wichita, I've been doing remote contract work. More recent interests outside the Ruby on Rails world include Elixir, Rust, R, and Swift.

I get to travel the world and design things for a living. Startup Weekend Lead Organizer.

I'm always trying to blur the line between work and play.

I help people start and grow their business at no charge.

I am Regional Director for the Wichita State University Kansas Small Business Development Center. We would like to help you start or grow your business. Please call us at 978-3193 for free consulting.



Passionate about business and improving the startup culture in Wichita. Need help? Find me in Slack & say hello!


investing golf running

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Wichita State University fosters and promotes entrepreneurial thinking through a wide range of academic and community programs. Located in the birthplace of many nationally known corporations, such as Pizza Hut and Koch Industries, the CFE has a strong support network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors and WSU faculty and alumni.



Mechanical Engineer by day, programmer by night. Looking to make the next big thing. Full of ideas waiting to be brought to life.

MakeICT founder and board member.

Graphic Designer, always down for anything

geek at heart, entrepreneur by choice

I'm co-founder Flourish, Inc. a SaaS for direct sellers. I also own Computer Gurus, a small business IT consulting firm. Father of 4 amazing daughters and husband to the beautiful and vivacious Carrie Catlin, the sane one.

Aerospace Engineer with a Masters in International business, looking to find people to share ideas and build them into products

I work as a web tech, photographer, writer, and marketer. Working for a small university requires that I wear many hats - but I look best in a cabbie hat.

Janel has twenty years of professional experience in the substance abuse field that includes diverse populations in various community settings including gender specific, adolescent, LGBTQ, homelessness, and co-occurring clientele. She has worked with a variety of topics and prefers working with individuals and families specific to trauma and abuse, positive parenting, grief and life transition, anger management, substance abuse and self-esteem issues. Janel has professional training in Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Care, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Using a strengths-based approach, clients are provided a safe, supportive, and judgment-free opportunity to explore life issues that interfere with both personal and professional goals to make lasting changes.

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) was founded in 1977 by Wichita State University professor Fran Jabara, who decided it was time to change society’s image of business people. With his own funds and university support, Jabara created the first program under the Center for Entrepreneurship, a workshop titled “Entrepreneurship: Your Future in Business”.

The Center expanded following the success of the initial workshop. In 1987, with a large donation from local entrepreneur and WSU alum Tom Devlin, a free-standing building was erected on campus to house the Center for Entrepreneurship, making WSU one of the first universities in the world to dedicate a building exclusively to entrepreneurship education. Not long after, academic programs in entrepreneurship were solidified.

The Center for Entrepreneurship serves more than 3,600 emerging and established entrepreneurs each year through community programs, such as Growing Rural Businesses, Kansas Family Business Forum, Practical Entrepreneur Training Tools and the Forum Series, and student engagement programs, such as the Shocker Business Plan Competition.

Through Wichita State University’s W. Frank Barton School of Business, the Center offers the state’s only entrepreneurship major, as well as an entrepreneurship minor for both business and non-business majors, a graduate certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation, and an MBA entrepreneurship concentration.

Xclusive is an event services company specializing in mobile bartending, event planning and staffing.

I've lived my whole life in Kansas and over half of it in the Wichita area. I was raised to love God, love people and work, using the talents that God has given me. I've raised and mentored 3 amazing sons and am now mentoring and coaching others. I have worked in finance and banking for Intrust, Koch, GE, and Wells Fargo. I love people and helping them move their ideas and companies forward.

You can call me Ray. I edit videos, build websites, and raise money for charity. I want to help Wichita grow and love the city I live in.

Enterprise Architect - providing creative and innovative solutions, methods, and leadership to leverage IT innovations for business in a variety of industries globally.



Healthy mix of Kevin O'Leary & Mark Cuban

Real Estate, Finance, and Business Development at Koch Industries. Investor. Shark Tank junkie. Annoying friends & family with business ideas since 1991. Tweet me @tylernepote.

Husband, father, and mobile developer in the Silicon Prairie.

Love coffee, simplicity, and naps.

Believes that writing code is like playing with digital legos.

Experienced clinician with strong interest in making healthcare better though any and all available means.










very involved in many things


start ups





a caring and social person



Designer & Developer. Apps and web sites, mostly.

I’ve worked for The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo, among others.

Recent transplant from New York City.

Chief Product Development Officer at BalancedComp an HR Consulting firm offering industry-leading web applications for compensation & performance management.

Former President of Blink Interactive, a strategic web development firm based in Wichita Kansas.

One of four Founders of the Labor Party a creative co-working space located in Downtown Wichita.

Designer, developer, writer, husband, father, and no longer interested in finishing this list.

You can find me on twitter @jarrettgreen or contact me by email at himself@jarrettgreen.com



Robin is a freelance designer who is equally comfortable designing for the printed page as she is designing for the web.

Coordinator of the strategic planning process for Wichita State University. Responsibilities include chairing the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, establishing strategic planning metrics, and assisting colleges and departments in aligning their strategic goals with the strategic goals of Wichita State University. Position reports to Dr. John Bardo, President, Wichita State University.

Innovator | Entrepreneur | Strategist

Creating a more fulfilling life, one conversation at a time.



Aspiring entrepreneur. You can find my contact information at codysaunders.com.

A family owned and operated general contractor for commercial and residential in the Wichita, Kansas area! Continuing to deliver quality to each customer!

A young entrepreneur from a promising country in Eastern Europe. Been involved in freelancing jobs since 2010 mostly in MLM, e-marketing and of course trading. For the past 3 years currency trading is the main source of income but looking to start a completely new business to widen the horizon of interests. Consider office jobs a routine trap



No longer in Wichita, but enjoyed my time there and want to stay in touch with the startup and business ecosystem there.

Howdy! I'm a midwest transplant from San Diego, CA. I'm a freelance writer for hire and specialize in SEO optimized content for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I enjoy writing and editing website copy and crafting compelling blog posts to help establish authority and increase brand awareness.


content marketing



My wife and I help people give thoughtful, personalized gifts. What started as a fun side business has grown to support our family full time and continues to challenge us daily.

www.southerntrademark.com www.etsy.com/shop/SouthernTradeMark

Software Engineer

I am passionate about community, best practices, open source software, my family, and Vim.

City Director of Women Who Code. Vice-Curator of the Wichita Global Shapers.



Product Design, Game Design, Web Design, Development, Want to fix all the things

Product Designer and Developer at Callcap.com.

Owner and Game Designer at 54 Hour Game Co. 54hour.com.

Freelance design and development at infernocloud.com.

2-time Startup Weekend winning idea and team - Lunch Quest and Bang & Burn (crashandburngame.com).

2015 Wichita Game Jam Judge's Choice for Goldenear

Digital Marketing Data Analyst for INVISTA. CEO of Barton International Group. Marketing chair for SHOCKERTHON. Tweet me @alexwespi



Entrepreneur. Dad. Traveller. Marketer.

Born and raised in Wichita, KS. Part of launch advertising team for Lexus automobiles. Spent 10 years in LA working with leading brands such as Lexus, Nissan, Boston Market, Adidas, Peninsula Hotels.

Moved to Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo...developed a base understanding of how to market to humans no matter where they are.

Moved to Wichita.

Led turnaround of Associated Advertising Agency as CEO. Joined Koch Industries' INVISTA division as Global Brand Director of apparel division.

Led re-branding and sales growth program at Pulse Systems prior to its' successful sale to CEGEDIM.

Founded RSA Marketing in November 2010. RSA was listed as 2nd largest firm in Wichita in 2014, employing 26 people. RSA clients include Wesley Medical Center, Equity Bank, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Great Plains Industries, Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association and more than 20 others.

Along the way, was also a member of founding team of Atomic billboards and Fliphound online billboard sales solution.

Founder of ERCheckIn.com and UrgentCareCheckIn.com, solutions licensed to medical facilities that enables consumers to begin the sign-in process prior to arrival at the Emergency Room or Urgent Care facility.

Currently invested in a range of Wichita area businesses through RSA Marketing, where we take on equity investment in two start-up/growth-stage companies.

Creative genius, entrepreneur, multimedia designer, artist, beach lover.

Current projects: BrewLucky.com NewTraditionsPhotography.com SongBirdIdeas.com

· 16+ years in Graphic Design and Creative Communications experience · 18+ years in Photography and Visual Direction experience · Retail and service industry full campaign concept and design · Startup company branding and re-branding · Team based project management and delegation · Commercial printing and pre-press setup · Website layout and design · Newsprint and Magazine advertisements in both small and large scale · Interior signage; retail fixtures, exterior signage, and billboards

Cody is an attorney for Morris Laing in Wichita, KS. Cody practices in business law and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs organize and develop their business.








John is the Director of Monster Leadership. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Wichita State University and a BA in History from the University of Kansas. His interest in leadership stems from his years of service in the US Army as an Armor Officer. John has worked on developing leaders in large corporations, for privately held small businesses, and across the globe with several non-profit humanitarian relief organizations.

Career long seed and early-stage venture investor... and everything entrepreneurial that goes with that. Built a few jet engine components too.

A strong technical leader, I have 20+ years experience managing multiple complex high-tech projects in hardware, software and firmware design, from inception through the product life-cycle, while inspiring customer loyalty.

My success comes from my ability to leverage my engineering background together with an awareness of industry trends, internal business processes and demands, working across multiple offices, leading multi-disciplined teams, and keeping a strong customer service focus, to deliver reliable and profitable products.

On the management side, I have created and led cross-functional teams in completing large-scale, complex and leading-edge technical projects. I have strong influencing and leadership skills and collaborate well with other engineers and managers.

On the sales side, I am skilled at identifying new clients and new markets, while maintaining and improving existing customer relationships. I have a passion for product design and new technology. I work constantly to improve processes and program efficiency.

On the engineering side, I am a senior firmware and driver developer, with years of experience developing high performance C code for embedded ARM processors, and device drivers for Linux and Microsoft environments.

I hold degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. As an Engineering Program Manager with Avago Technologies, I managed the development of board-level hardware and firmware programs, alliances and support for Tier 1 and 2 customers. In 2009 and 2010, I led a start-up team to design, test and release high performance I/O Host Adapters, securing revenue of $20M+ and $30M+per year, while directly supporting over 90 customers. After starting my career with NCR, I held a leadership roles with AT&T, Symbios Logic and LSI Logic.

Cindy Miles is the Executive Director for the Nonprofit Chamber of Service. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing from Wichita State University and a Master of Business Administration from Newman University. She has assisted many organizations with their marketing, public relations, fundraising, strategic planning, board development and event planning. Cindy serves on numerous nonprofit boards and committees including Junior League of Wichita, Kansas Hispanic Education and Development Foundation, Sunlight Children’s Advocacy & Rights Foundation, Wichita-Sedgwick County Crime Stoppers, Wichita Crime Commission, Wichita Coalition for Child Abuse Prevention, Newman University Alumni Board, Wichita City Council District 3 Advisory Board and the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.

I am a born-and-bred Kansas man; as a graduate of Wichita State University, my heart and home have always been here. I have worked as a marketing director for Superior Equipment, copywriter for Cessna, ICM, and Learjet, Citation Sales Department at Cessna, and operations director for Sovereign Real Estate. I have a background in marketing and design, as well as proficiency working with technical data.

I am now the managing partner of Dickson Distributions, a company that supplies specialty construction materials for commercial projects. I also am the operations director for Firm Foundations Ministries, a non-profit organization focused on providing a Christian-based re-entry program for people coming out of prison.

In addition to this, I do freelance graphic design, professional voice-over work, professional genealogy research, and have coached high school football.

At Wilbeck Wellness & Chiropractic we are about helping everyone living a healthy and mobile life for the first 100 years through chiropractic care.

Entrepreneur and adversarial threat replicator. 25 years working for Uncle Sugar has left me uniquely qualified to break into your business and then tell you how to fix it. Perspective is everything.

Entrepreneur, Educator, Business Lover

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of ProtoBench, a prototyping firm dedicated to speeding small companies to market for less and preparing individuals for presenting to investors.



Co-Founder of Blue-Chip UAS 6-Years Military Government Contractor for Air Force Special Operations Command Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Graduate - 14'

Founder/CEO: Viaan Electronics Viaan Electronics is a full service creative company with a true understanding and love for all Product Development and Services. We are a team of innovative engineers and splendid management gurus, with a combined experience of more than 100 years. At Viaan Electronics, we have been turning good ideas into products and products into profits. Whether it is Hardware Development, Embedded Engineering, Software Development or Website Development, we thrive on challenges that call for smart thinking and require a little elbow greasing.

Currently serves as CEO of Wichita Technology Corporation (WTC), is the Managing Member of Wichita Technology Ventures, (WTV), an early-stage technology fund, and the Managing Member of the Midwest Venture Alliance, a Kansas based angel group, all of which serve high-growth entrepreneurs in the region.

Hi, I'm currently a college student at the Pennsylvania State University and I have an interest in business and entrepreneurship.



Owner of Swift Creative, a small graphic design startup in Amsterdam. Mylinda offers graphic design services, specializing in website and logo design in the Wichita and Amsterdam areas.


Immigration attorney



Native of Wichita - Inventor - 38 Years in Air-conditioning Industry - Small business owner



WSU Ventures assists Wichita State University faculty, staff and students in applying and commercializing their collective ideas, intellectual properties, know-how, talents capabilities, ambitions and energies in ways that benefit the university community, industry and the public. We protect and license University inventions and innovations, connect industry partners with WSU researchers and technologies.

Lifelong Kansan raised in Wichita and graduated from Friends University. I love our community and proudly call it home!

My wife and I help people give thoughtful, personalized gifts. What started as a fun side business has grown to support our family full time and continues to challenge us daily.

I am 19 years old and going to WSU to study Finance and Economics.



Non-Native Wichitan interested in utilizing entrepreneurial resources in Wichita


travel alcohol food



Providing dream vacations that exceed expectations and are very affordable!



I am a librarian at Wichita State University and I, along with my colleague Nan Myers, help people learn how to search for existing patents and trademarks before filing a patent or trademark application.

WSU Ventures

I facilitate interactions with WSU and community inventors, entrepreneurs and small/medium size businesses to facilitate collaboration with WSU, community and industry partners.

Elite Gaming Championships

I am the Founder and CEO of a Kansas born video game league Elite Gaming Championships. We currently have 25,000 plus followers throughout Facebook and Twitter waiting on our next move! Currently located in nearby Newton Kansas, we are debating whether to take our venture to Kansas City or stay here in the Wichita area. Follow the links below to see what we are working on at the moment.



CEO~Founder at Printpop Visonary~Revolutionary The very definition of Serial Entrepreneur, Devin is passionate about mentoring, coaching and volunteering to help small businesses, inventors and Entrepreneurs realize their dreams. An energetic inspirational and motivational speaker who speaks on topic ranging from following your dreams, to success.

A career long credit professional and an experienced manager in the alternative finance space. Having began his career in the Factoring and Asset Based Lending industry with KBK Financial, in Fort Worth, TX, Andy has led multiple functional areas in the operations of various sized organizations. Prior to joining Tacoma Capital, Andy was VP, Senior Advisor with Liquid Capital of America where he served the transaction approval authority for a network of franchised commercial finance company operators and led the development and operation of the organizations underwriting and credit functions.

Andy holds a BBA in Management from Texas Wesleyan University.



Commodity Trader at Koch Industries but always exploring innovative entrepreneurial opportunities

Designer in the City. Alex Twitchel is a designer in the midwest, loves coffee and startups. alexraydesign.co

Promoter. Instigator. Connector.

Co-Founder/ Strategic Management The CRWN.

The CRWN is a lifestyle and promotions company serving the Wichita area. We help businesses and artists maximize their promotional efforts by utilizing our cultivated resources and networks.

Community instigator. 1/4 stack web developer.

Jacqualyn is the Managing Director of BalancedComp and organizer of StartUp Wichita's Third Thursday monthly event. Although she's a relative newcomer to the development and startup community, her affable outspokenness has expedited the process of making connections and driving progress. She's happy to talk to anyone looking to get more involved.

I will teach you to SPEAK Spanish really fast

Wichitan for several decades now. Father, husband, bilingual I.T. guy.

Start-Up investor, mentor, serial entrepreneur

BIO Klaus Viljanmaa comes from a line of business visionaries that goes back generations. He credits his father and grandfather, both true entrepreneurs who were able to make the right decisions at the right times to grow the family’s company, with the gift of FutureSight™. Yet this “gift” — one that Klaus inherited from his predecessors — can be more accurately described as a powerful combination of boundless energy, laser focus, long-term vision, big-picture thinking and tireless attention to detail. These qualities, along with a relentless commitment to finding solutions in the face of daunting circumstances, have helped Klaus face every business and personal challenge he has encountered.

Born in the 1970s, Klaus built a successful business career in Finland at Urho Viljanmaa Oy. In taking leadership of the company, he used these insights, along with a commitment to product innovation and aggressive marketing, to spur massive growth. Between 2001 and 2008, Urho Viljanmaa Oy introduced a number of innovative new products, tripled production volume and doubled the company’s revenue — a feat which earned him the national entrepreneurship award from the Finnish Federation of Enterprises in 2006. That same year, Klaus’ ongoing efforts to enhance the company’s culture by encouraging each employee to take a personal stake in the organization’s success helped to place Urho Viljanmaa Oy among the top 20 “Best Places to Work” in Finland. Later, in 2007, Klaus saw his vision and hard work as CEO rewarded by being named the Challenger Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Whatever Klaus does, he does whole-heartedly, as is evidenced by his string of successful business and sporting ventures. His passion for business and innovation continues to drive his career — both as an active venture capitalist and as a consultant who uses his FutureSight™ to help businesses achieve their potential. 


Klaus Viljanmaa

Wichita, KS. 67204 Cell: 316 200 0665 Email: KSVFinland@gmail.com Born: Jalasjarvi, Finland on June 25, 1970, married with 3 children, USA citizen since 2014

Education 1986-1990 Jalasjarvi High School 1987 - 1988 Russell High School 1991 - 1992 Military service, rank lieutenant  1992 - 1996 Helsinki Business College, BA in Foreign Business 2000 - 2003 University of Waasa program for growing into running a family business (HAKA and JOKA)  2004 - 2005 University of Waasa (Vaasan Yliopisto, UWASA) MBA in Entrepreneurship  2005 - 2008 Several business development seminars in Trainers House and other leading private Business education Centre’s 

Language Skills Finnish (excellent), English (excellent), Swedish (good), German (good)   Job career at Urho Viljanmaa Oy - Jalas 1996 - 1998 Quality Manager 1998 - 2000 Vice President, Sales, Marketing, R&D and HR 2000 - 2008 President with responsibility of company’s strategy, growth, development, R&D, Brand, HR, sales, German sales and logistics office operations 2008 - 2009 Chairman of the Board (sold the company in 2008) 2009 - Founder and CEO of KSVFInland LLC, Start Up investor and advisor Other Interest Tasks 2001 -2008 Board Member of Entrepreneur’s of Jalasjarvi 2004 - 2006 Member of Entrepreneur’s of  South Ostrobothnia Export Guild  2006 - 2008 Member of Board of Directors in Elake-Tapiola 2009 - Wichita Grand Opera Board Member

Start Up connections (company, description, own role, company status) and projects 2006-2010 Balancion Oy, Financing, Board Member, Advisor and Investor, sold 2007 - 2012 Smartcare Oy, Health Care, Board Member, Advisor and Investor, sold 2008 - Miivies Oy, 3D animation and Gaming company, Board Member and Investor 2014 - Fundu Oy, Financing, Investor and Advisor 2014 - Next Games, Gaming (Compass Point), Investor 2015 - Solu Oy, computer soft wear and hard wear, Investor 2013 - 2014 Project with Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) to build, relaunch, promote and race #1 Porsche ANDIAL race car in the USA.  

Awards 2006 Entrepreneur Of Finland 2007 Ernst & Young’s Finland’s Challenge of the Year

Hobbys -Dog’s (4 wiener dog’s) running, racing cars (Porsche), scuba diving and reading

References Mrs. Helen Galloway, The First Place 316 634 0426

Dennis L. Ross dross@kansasnephrology.com 

Mr. Everett Pierce Marshall, cell 214 755 0100 Mr. Tero Nevala, email Nevalaspain@gmail.com Mr. Lasse Wendelin, email lasse.wendelin@primecoaching.fi Mr Parvan Bakardiev, email pbakardiev@wichitagrandopera.org

Testimonial by Mr. Tero Nevala Klaus Viljanmaa is a true leader and extremely enthusiast when given challenges and problems to be solved. He set always targets to himself and expects targets from his teams and individual persons who he works with or works for. A good example of Klaus´s skills is his 10 year work for his family company: In four to five years he was able to double the turnover and production. At that time he employed 60 new employees. The production was started globally. At the same time the profit was tripled. This all was done in one of the most un-sexy businesses  i.e. shoe-trade. Nearly 200 separate projects in very different areas were done during this period. At this time the new profit was used to branding, marketing and product development. Strategical work was finished with a set plan of action. All targets were hit. The whole company worked according to set values and strategy. When Klaus worked developing his company not only the business was developed. The whole company was re-organized. The whole staff was educated and brought to strategic work. The whole staff loved to work for Klaus as he is very reliable, strict and helpful. Klaus has extreme passion towards product and production development. Terms here are continuous development and accurate choices. Klaus wants always to collect all facts together. After this he wants a efficient meeting and decisions.

Description Multitasker: Klaus is able to successfully run 20-30 separate issues during same day. This done so that every issue is attended, situation is evaluated and decisions are made. Persistent: Klaus looks that all the agreed issues are attended and some solution is reached in a set time. Klaus never gives up the task even if in severe difficulties.

Leader:Klaus is:  Enthusiast, strict, organized, target setting, efficient, extremely reliable, laid-back and demanding, creates possibilities and helps.

Developer: Klaus sees very swiftly the situation, finds the problem area and is able to attend any type of problem in areas of human relations, teamwork, product development and –design, sales, marketing, branding and resourcing. These are just examples. Cosmopolitan: Klaus has worked successfully around the globe and able to communicate with all people in any country. Klaus speaks English, Swedish, German and Finnish.

In 1916 Urho Viljanmaa Oy  - Jalas family company was found. In 2008 the company had sales over US$ 50 million and employer over 220 people in Finland and Germany. Klaus represented the 4th generation in the family business.

Writer of this description: Tero Nevala, former development manager of Klaus Viljanmaa´s company Urho Viljanmaa Oy - Jalas. “88 years” experience on The Viljanmaa Family. Five years intensive daily development work with Klaus

Testimonial by Lasse Wendelin, born 1962, has a significant and world wide experience as a Success Advisor and Business Coach. Prime Coaching & Consulting Ltd was founded by Mr. Wendelin in 2006. Lasse is a highly considered coach, strategist, leadership expert, speaker and author. He is said to be one of the most influential experts in his field. He also has experience from different leadership positions in the past and has an MBA and a Diploma in Solution Focused Sciences; 

Klaus Viljanmaa is a determinant and result-focused business leader and entrepreneur. He has a broad experience of leading change in different stages of life cycles in businesses. Klaus has excellent skills in understanding the big picture and thereby create a practical strategy,  as well as form necessary change programs to ensure productivity. He has the ability of establishing commitment in people to pursue the chosen strategy. Efficiency in all its forms runs in his blood. 





Director, Early College IT Academy

As the director of the Early College IT Academy at Butler Community College, I enroll high school students in IT-related courses and help them to gain knowledge and experience to prepare them for a successful career in IT-related fields.

Senior Analytics and Optimization Manager

In Wichita until November 1st. Working full-time but open to offering help on any projects in need of analytics consultation or analysis work!

I have significant marketing and analytical experience utilizing various tools and techniques. I am well versed in the art and science of marketing and excel at delivering insights from data, beyond observation, to truly guide marketing decisions.

Most recently, I have led digital analytics for Mitsubishi Motors, helping to reinvent how data is viewed and used to drive business decisions. I have also led projects for top brands like Beats by Dre and Coca-Cola.

I LOVE the Seahawks, good micro-brews, coffee (even at night), and to learn new skills in excel (no really)

Frilly vintage glam & hippie chic


Can you picture hippie chic and rusty, vintage glam? That is what defines Poppy River Studio, my sidea hustle and pop up vintage boutique! If this speaks to your soul too – welcome you have found your people!

My name is Jeanette and I want to be the first to welcome you to my lacy and frilly side of the world! I love it and hope you do too!

Still not clear on what is PRS is all about? A mobile, pop up boutique featuring: architectural salvage, antiques, jewelry, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, chippy shabby chic finds, frilly vintage inspired clothing, and all things defined as awesome whether new or old, as long as they are funky, hippie chic and unique!

Keep up with our latest vintage finds:

poppyriverstudio.com facebook.com/poppyriverstudio instagram @poppyriverstudio twitter @votejeanette pintrest.com/poppyriverstudio

Construction CEO, early adopter of tech, dreamer.

I have managed the operations of Builders Plus for close to a year and a half now. Stepping into the family business has had its expected and unexpected difficulties. I feel I am finally hitting my stride.

With a technology background (and business technology degree), I am constantly looking for the adoption of invention and innovation into a historically stubborn industry.

I am always working on a project, be it tech, marketing, or social. Reach out if you are trying to make a 'dent in your universe' as I would love to be involved, or simply support such causes.

Collaboration is my middle name

Gary Plummer became President/CEO of the Wichita Metro in 2011. He has been in chamber work since 1979, serving as CEO of chambers in five states.

As a Chamber executive, Plummer has been involved in a variety of public/private partnerships involving governmental affairs, education, neighborhood redevelopment, tourism and economic development.

Building functional spaces for Entrepreneurs to build the future.

I am a third generation contractor who specializes in Commercial Construction. I enjoy working with owners to build the space they need.

Creative Service Director, Sunflower Broadcasting Inc.

I am the Creative Service Director for SBI and all around advocate for Wichita. I believe strongly that we can make Wichita one of the greatest cities in the midwest for innovators and dreamers. I am always looking for collaborators and will meet with anyone.

To err is human. To really eff things up requires a computer.

Chief Technology Officer at Brandon Steven Motors. Founder of Mudrush Technology Solutions and Co-founder of Auto Digital Display. Im always in the mood to meet new people, gain knowledge and explorer new ideas.

connecting people, resources and organizations

Responsible for communications and investor relations for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce. #ILoveWichita

Tool Design & Manufacture, ProtoType Parts

As a business owner, I understand the relentless pursuit it takes to start something new. Starting something new is certainly not easy, but it sure is rewarding when it comes together. Our company specialize in tool design and manufacturing to make “parts.” Some are as simple as trinkets while others are complex forming and molding tools for intricate parts made of some of the industries toughest alloys.

Best of luck in your startup and let us know if we can help you!


Making videos about cars

We make original videos you can find at tastefullymodded.com

Strategic thinker, planner, doer.

Helping entrepreneurs and businesses connect with peers and find resources in the community. Find me on LinkedIn or at the Wichita Metro Chamber or Commerce, aelliott@wichitachamber.org

I enjoy a challenge. Some days are straight from Dilbert.

I have always worked in corporate IT. I continue to wear many hats; depending on the day and what is needed: IT Team Lead, Programmer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Change Manager.

Looking for a constructive hobby to help out others in the ICT community.

Contact: jmpiper23@gmail.com

Entrepreneur, writer, and social media nerd.

Hello! I am the owner of Nerdy Bird Media, a Wichita based boutique media business specializing in web design, graphic design, and social media marketing. My goal with every project is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses build an online platform that represents their work in a creative, unique way. In short, I love helping people succeed in doing what they love. .

Youth Entrepreneurs Student & Alumni Coordinator

Youth Entrepreneurs Student & Alumni Coordinator

Helping innovators do what they do.

I'm the co-founder of a non-profit called Eight Oaks and a recent addition to the NetWork Kansas team. I'm focused on helping people find innovative solutions to the most difficult problems.

Connector Extraordinaire

I love seeing and being a part of success and I love the question Why?. Because I ask Why? so often I am blessed to know many who, what, how and when's.

I am a Wichita State University undergraduate students studying Economics and Political Science.

My name is Katie Deutsch and I am a sophomore at Wichita State University studying Economics and Political Science. I am the Director for Business Development in Barton International Group, a student-run consultant firm at Wichita State University. Additionally, I am a student assistant at WSU's Center for Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur, Designer (IOS applications)

I Like to build things.


Maker, educator, altruist

I'm an active member of the Wichita community, seeking ways to improve our city!

A Maker of Things

I am most recognized in the Wichita community as the Concertmaster of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, but I am also an electrical and computer engineer and do some consulting, freelance and entrepreneurial work in hardware and software as well as in music.

I also teach engineering and computer programming; I have a passion for creating and supporting environments focusing on Problem-based learning and creative problem solving.

I love technology not because of technology itself (I'm not a gadget guy at all) but because it is an appealing medium for exploration from people of all ages.

Recently I was a co-founder of MakeICT, Wichita's first makerspace. I see MakeICT and other makerspaces across the world as a wall to support and inspire people to be makers and creators.

I'm a Keeper!

Martha Linsner, President of TCK-The Trust Company of Kansas, Kansas' first independently owned trust company, serves a unique role as the face of TCK in the community and coordinates TCK’s efforts related to SupportingTheArts.com. Martha serves on several community and trust industry related boards: Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, Advisory Council for the State of Kansas’ 529 Learning Quest Savings Plan, Music Theatre Wichita, The Arts Council, Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum, and Go Wichita. She is actively involved in EWI-Executive Women International, Rotary Club of Wichita, and Junior League of Wichita. She is a 2004 Wichita Business Journal “40 Under 40” recipient and a 2005 Leadership Wichita graduate. CONTACT INFO: Cell 316-304-1075 Office: 316-491-6101 Email: mlinsner@TCKansas.com

Catalyst. Not a Complainer

I'm a strategist and doer who specializes in transitioning ideas to actualities. I'm motivated by achievement, grounded by my passion for engaging others. A transplant from Tennessee who shares the belief that Wichita can be all that it wants to be. Lets make that happen, together. @jlongachieves

Helping leaders & organizations become more Calm, Confident, Consistent, & Courageous

I’m a husband, father of four daughters, commercial pilot, and entrepreneur with a passion for speaking, teaching, & coaching common sense leadership.

I never realized how much the Marine Corps taught be about common sense leadership until I was thrust into the corporate arena in October of 2001.

I was hired as a pilot by American Airlines in June of 2001 after 10 years active duty with the United States Marine Corps. I finished my training on September 8th, 2001, had three days off, and September 11th, 2001 was my first official day as a qualified pilot for American. I was furloughed a few weeks later on October 1st.

As I entered the corporate world it was then I realized that common sense leadership wasn't necessarily common practice; it is my passion to help individuals and organizations develop a courageous & authentic leadership presence.

I have over 25 years real world, practical leadership experience as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer, professional pilot, & corporate executive at the Vice President & Director level.

I also host the top rated iTunes Podcast Dose of Leadership, a podcast where I interview my leadership heroes; leadership experts who pursue excellence, truth, & common sense. Some of the guests on the show have included Steve Forbes, Ken Blanchard, Bob Burg, Jim Kouzes, Fred Smith, & Dana Perino just to name a few. The podcast has been downloaded in over 145 countries across the globe.

I'm maniacally passionate about leadership & believe that it is central to every aspect of our lives. All of our leadership challenges should be met with the lifelong dedication & pursuit of becoming calmer, confident, consistent, & courageous.

Contact me if you're interested in being a guest on my show or if I can help you in your leadership journey in any way.


Center For Entrepreneurship @ Wichita State University

Growing Wichita one loan at a time.

Division Director Commercial Real Estate Lending INTRUST Bank N.A. Wichita, KS

Team Builder, Coach, Business Guy, Listener , Doer

Retired CPA. Recently retired from business - after 40 years of learning, failing, learning, and succeeding.

Technology reporter and newbie coder

I write about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for the Wichita Business Journal and manage the WBJ website. I'm learning JavaScript and Rails development.

I help people using web and data technologies.

I'm a Wichitan, born and raised since 1989. I went to school on the east side where I spent a lot time diddling around with computers, competing in robotics competitions and playing tennis. In 2007, for my second job in life, after working at Knollas Pizza, was working as a technician at Ribbit Computers. Looking back now, I'm proud to have worked at a successful local business like Ribbit instead of a big box store like Best Buy. In 2008, I ventured off to KU for my undergrad in sociology and business. I took an interdisciplinary approach to my passion for technology. Instead of studying IT from a business or engineering perspective, I focused on how technology impacts society through studying the sociology and economics of technology. In the summer of 2010, I went to Nigeria and did IT development in the Niger Delta. I taught classes on IT fundamentals and how to use technology responsibly. I worked with other NGO projects regarding health and energy while fusing information technology into their efforts. I established partnerships with governments, villages and businesses to support my project called AIESEC Africa SwITch: SwITching on IT Skills in Africa. This has lead to a constant mission in my life of bridging the digital divide. I returned from Nigeria, worked as a system administrator at a KU research center for a year and a half and graduated in May of 2013. After I graduated, I went abroad to Colombia to teach at a university for a year. I returned to Wichita last August. Now, I want to pursue more technical work. I'm currently studying a handful of programming languages, Python especially for data analytics, and other technical systems. I have a lot of experience producing WordPress sites for people and organizations, and administrating systems across large organizations. I have a startup on the side called PODMELT, podmelt.com. I hope to turn it into a podcasting platform someday. I'm looking for work in web or python development, systems administration or entry-level data engineering. www.linkedin.com/in/ryandahlke/ Follow me on twitter @ryandahlke and engage with me regarding how technology influences our businesses, governments and lives. Cheers.

No one needs a tagline.

I actually don't live in Wichita.. but I used to! I work for VML as a back-end developer, but I like jumping into CSS / JS trenches from time to time.

Proud to be part of the midwest development community!

I'm currently a member of a local group of developers called DevICT. Myself and a couple of other developers are launching a start up Silicon-Prairie.Net this month. We hope to stand out in the midwest by offering products and technology that is cutting edge and above and beyond our competitors offerings. Our vision is to bring the absolute most bleeding edge technologies to the midwest for the same price or cheaper than our competitors who are still offering last generation's technology, simply because they fail to understand the changing tides.

We're able to do this because we are very tech minded fellows. Our nerdiness does have it's drawbacks, as we suffer from the lack of great business minds that some of our competitors possess. We do feel confident though, because we trust that our clients understand their business and don't need us to run it, they need us to run their technology and fortunately for us, that's where we excel!

Currently Silicon-Prairie.Net and Silicon-Hosting.Rocks consists of 3 head members myself being the principal and combined we have over 30 years of technological experience spanning nearly every field imaginable. We like to say we're prairie built.

Real Estate Developer

In 1997, Gary Chairman and CEO formed Occidental Management, Inc. which is a turn-key real estate development firm consisting of project development and design, property management, and brokerage services. It currently owns and operates assets in the office, retail shopping center, industrial and lodging segments of commercial real estate. Gary has over twenty-eight years of active entrepreneurial experience in a variety of business ventures. Gary is the Managing Member of 26 holding entities which include hotel, oil/gas, advertising, Real Estate, retail wine and spirits, agriculture and alternative energy industries operating within the Midwest.

There are vision setters and then there are vision supporters.

As the Community Advancement Manager for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, I provide support for a variety of initiatives including, but not limited to, the Entrepreneurship Task Force, Tech Alliance, Business and Education Alliance, Achieve Kansas, and the City-to-City Leadership Visits. If you are interested in learning more about any one of these initiatives or the Wichita Chamber, please contact me at randerson@wichitachamber.org.


MD/MBA from Penn/Wharton; Cofounder @ Curbside Care; Cofounder @ AdhereTech; McKinsey consultant


Technologist, Marketer, Communitarian

I am in the business of connecting people to create value. Business to Business. Business to Consumer. Helper to Needy. I rarely say, No, when asked to help when there's a chance of incremental improvement. I consider myself a student, practitioner and facilitator of innovation who specializes in marketing and business development. I have experience in a broad range of industries, and I'm happy to help or just sit down for a chat. Follow me on twitter @bizphone316

Tech lover, entrepreneur

SBA Small Business Person of the Year for Kansas - 2011

Lover of all technology (including high-efficiency washing machines)

CIO of High Touch Technologies. Enjoy developing mutually beneficial and highly collaborative relationships with other tech enthusiasts.

Odonata Research LLC

I have a strong background in finite element analysis with proficiency in multiple commercial packages. My recent professional experience has focused on Part 25 aeroelasticity, ground vibration testing, and loads analysis. Prior to that, I performed composite laminate design, testing and analysis with application directed at wind turbine blades. In the course of all of these tasks, I acquired software development skills in several languages including C/C++, Python, Fortran, and Common Lisp.

Strategy, Data, Systems

[ @naterussmill ] Wichita State Senior- Management Information Systems, Economics, Philosophy; Barton International Group, Business Development Director Movies, Theatre, Travel, Cycling

Founder & CEO @NMotionUAS, Firefighter, Entrepreneur

Currently Launching @NMotionUAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems for First Responders.




Look forward to connecting with you!

Resources for starting or growing your business

CEO focused on increasing connectivity of entrepreneurs to knowledge, talent, and capital; leadership coach, husband to Karen & father to Megan, Kate, & Stephen.

Lets make something!

MakeICT founder and board member.

Clear thinking leads to feeling deeply and acting consistently

Paulseen Financial Group, Partner

follow @brandonpaulseen

There is no system but GNU, and Linux is one of its kernels.

Living in the Raleigh-Durham area, I work at Research Square as a Team Lead to a group of PHP developers. In addition to my full time job, I also co-own Tortugas Consulting, LLC with my partner Jacob Walker.

My experience crosses a variety of languages including PHP, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, Lisp and Node.js. In addition to these languages, I am well versed in system architecture and industry best practices.

Along with my development experience, I also worked four years as a System Administrator maintaining an infrastructure of over 200 Linux workstations and servers. I live and breathe the command line and am quite comfortable provisioning a server from scratch.

I'm a designer, love the outdoors, and build Drupal sites.

I'm the owner, designer, & developer at Barrett Morgan Design LLC, est. 2005.

I'm a front end developer. A Drupal site builder & themer.

Lately my projects have focused on mobile experiences using responsive design elements. A lot of them have used the Twitter Bootstrap framework.


Design: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Industries: Health Insurance Aeronautical & Transportation Manufacturing Oil & Gas Law Political Campaigns Restaurants & Hospitality Non-Profits

Types of Projects: Full scale websites: Marketing, eCommerce, Fund-Raising, Sales Tools, CRMs One Pagers Responsive Design, one website, unified experience across all device screens. Internal Document Databases Also Print, Business Cards, Brochures, Handouts, Banners, Coasters, Wine bottle labels...

www.barrettmorgandesignllc.com twitter.com/bmdllc facebook.com/bmdllc

Digital Juggler

design + develop + make

Seth is my hero

Deliver the LOLz

If it ain't fun you ain't doin it right.

I'm a lawyer and I love working with entrepreneurs to understand and avoid risks and maximize opportunities for success. It's exciting to see what we as community are becoming as we try to create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.



Integrated Marketing Communications - Wichita State University - Independent Journalist for Silicon Prairie News